Materials Specifications

Many seals consist of two parts; the aluminium extrusion and a flexible seal insert. Some seals also incorporate a cover strip to conceal fasteners.

Aluminium extrusions are alloy 6060 T5 or T6, anodised satin clear (silver) or medium bronze unless otherwise specified. Architectural perimeter seal extrusions are anodised 15μm and threshold plates are anodised 25μm for maximum durability.

Aluminium Finishes*

Clear Anodise
Bronze Anodise
Black Anodise

*While great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the colours above, they may not match the actual product finishes due to variations in digital displays and print production.

Dependent on function, seal inserts can be:
  • Nylon brush filaments - Raven nylon brush has UV inhibitors, is self-extinguishing and conforms to NCC Spec. C3.4, “Smoke Doors 200C for 30 minutes”. Flammability index of 1 where indicated.
  • Polypropylene pile - has UV inhibitors.
  • Rigid or flexible PVC - Raven proprietary PVC, flexible and rigid extrusions have UV inhibitors, are self-extinguishing where indicated and have a service temperature of -5C to 70C.
  • Silicon rubber - Raven proprietary silicon rubber has UV inhibitors and withstands very high temperatures conforming to NCC Spec. C3.4, “Smoke Doors 200C for 30 minutes”. They are self-extinguishing with a flammability index of 1 where indicated with a service temperature of -60C to 230C.
  • Solid and sponge EPDM - Raven proprietary EPDM extrusions are designed to withstand the rigours of compression, heat, cold, water, ozone, UV light, abrasion and ageing. With exceptional memory meaning they will resume their original shape even after long periods of compression, they are classified to self-extinguishing / burn rate SAE J 369, ISO 3795 where indicated and have a service temperature of -40C to 70C.
  • TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) Raven proprietary TPE has similar performance characteristics of EPDM. Raven TPE has added UV inhibitors and a flammability index 5 where indicated. TPE has a service temperature of -40C to 100C.

The majority of Raven seals are fastened using supplied zinc plated, self-tapping, cross recess head screws of the appropriate size and colour. Fixing holes are usually pre-drilled and many are slotted to allow for accurate fitment and compensation for building movement.

Painted Finishes
Raven Polyester Enamel (P.E. Paint) finish can be colour matched to virtually any colour sample for the aluminium extrusion component. P.E. Paint is a two pack polyester enamel colour match finish which outperforms most finishes including powder coating in the critical areas of colour choice, durability, flexibility and hardness. P.E. Paint is available at an extra cost and requires an additional lead time.

Storage & Maintenance
Raven seals should be stored flat in a clean and dry area away from excessive heat.

Annual or periodic inspection, adjustment and cleaning is suggested for all styles of door and window seals. For fire and smoke sealing applications, refer to standards and authorities.

Specifying Raven Seals

To avoid product substitution it is important to quote the brand name “Raven”, the product model number, finish, preferred system configuration and reference to the Raven material specification and standards.

NATSPEC Product Partner
To further assist in creating a Raven product specification, Raven is a product partner with NATSPEC providing clear and easy to use specification templates:

Build a Raven Specification

Green Specification
Raven Products Pty Ltd is verified and listed with the internationally respected organisation Global GreenTag Intl. Pty Ltd, formerly EcoSpecifier.

The Raven verified product listing will assist specifiers when selecting environmentally helpful and sustainable products and obtaining green building credits

Detailed drawings and specifications of all Raven seals are available to registered users here.

Please note: illustrations in this catalogue may not be to scale. Slight variations in extrusions may occur but these minor differences are nominal.

The latest information about Raven can be found on this website as well as a PDF version of the latest catalogue.
Product Information

Raven seals are available in stock lengths and standard door set sizes. Some rigid perimeter seals are pre-cut to suit standard door sizes (mm):
  • Single – 1 x 1000 & 2 x 2100
  • Double – 3 x 2100
  • Long single – 1 x 1000 & 2 x 2750
  • Long double – 1 x 2000 & 2 x 2750


In Australia, the Raven Architectural ranges of seals shown in this catalogue are available to order from specialist, Architectural Door Hardware distributors that are located in each state.

Raven architectural distributors can assist you with product sizes, finishes, pricing and delivery information in your area.

When ordering, quote how many units, the brand “Raven”, model number, description, unit length and the standard finish as detailed in the catalogue, e.g. Six only “Raven RP38 door bottom seals, 920mm, clear anodised”.

Important: For rigid perimeter seals, always try to order in door set sizes or the shortest seal length available. Long rigid lengths if ordered in small quantities, whilst well packaged, are more prone to bending during transit.

All fasteners and fitting instructions are enclosed with each product. Raven seals are suitably packaged and protected with recyclable materials.

Special Order Paint finishes
P.E. Paint is available at an extra cost and requires additional lead time. Conditions apply. Please quote the brand, colour number and finish description.

Returns and Allowances
No product returns are accepted without prior written permission. Conditions apply.


Raven seals are guaranteed for 2 years against defects in materials and workmanship, provided seals are fitted in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Defective goods identified by Raven will be replaced. However, NO claim for work done thereon or damage incurred will be allowed.

Self-adhesive backed; closed cell and open cell foam tape seals are not guaranteed. Defective goods identified by Raven may be replaced. Experience has shown that even for one and the same objective, the exact requirements may vary due to site and environmental conditions that are outside Raven Products control; this includes the surfaces to which self-adhesive products are being installed.

All technical data and recommendations, although based upon our research and believed to be reliable, are given in good faith but without warranty. It is understood that users will independently determine the suitability of all products shown or specified herein for their purposes and as such Raven Products Pty. Ltd. accepts no liability.


The tradename Raven and its registered trademarks remain the property of Raven Products Pty. Ltd., Australia. Product numbers, drawings and technical details are Raven copyright. Reproduction is by written permission only and must accompany the Raven brand and copyright acknowledgement.
Raven Products Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to alter, delete or make obsolete any product shown in this catalogue or website, without prior notice.


In this catalogue there are some references to various national and international standards and building codes. No Raven copyright is implied or intended. References are a guide only. It is understood that users of this catalogue will obtain the most current building code and or standards for their intended purposes at all times.